Sustainable Hardwood Investment

We at HLH are master planning for sustainable production of tropical hardwoods to help meet the demands of the future.  This makes good economic sense for America, and for the individual tree owner, this is a tangible way to participate. Please browse our website and discover what the opportunity to own tropical hardwoods can mean to your future.

When the Western world discovered this magnificent wood, they applied Western   methods of harvesting, clearing 90% of the original forest. This resource was all but   eliminated from lower elevations and the genetic diversity that once existed has been lost. The history and beauty of Koa is what started us on the path to forming HLH. These incredible trees belong to all generations. Although Koa is unique to Hawaii, many other tropical hardwoods are endangered in their natural ranges. There are over 50 species of rare and valuable tropical hardwoods that can grow in Hawaii. With Hawaii’s isolation, many of these threatened species can find refuge in the fertile soil of this very special corner of the United States.

Photo courtesy of Bart Potter


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